Miley Cyrus twerking with her 14-years old sister ( Video)

In this video , Miley Cyrus appeared like that she was teaching her younger sister who to twerk and dougie at the same time. When you see it you think that she is teaching her how to toke up. Parents are very outraged. They considered it the work of the devil at one time .
We can see nowadays a lot of toddlers twerk and I have a friend whose toddler rolls on the couch as the same way like Madonna on her Venice gondola in Like a Virgin. A lot of 14 years old dance around.
May be not every move in twerking is sexual and evil . Let’s not get all like the preacher in footloose here . it is normal teens and kids playing around.
It is nice from Miley Cyrus to spend some happy times with her family and especially with her younger sister.

Here the photo:

Some parents from the latest work of Miley Cyrus and they considered it as Indifference to the morals and for their children especially after topless Insta photos… naked on a swinging wrecking ball… licking a hammer and lolling her tongue out…. I agree with them .
But it still twerking a kind of dancing and people may change their bad times and forget it by dancing and reflect the sad events in their times into happy by dancing .
Did you think that Noah who is 14 years old is too young to twerk?
By the way , every parent are liberated with their family and children , it is not anything all the kids aren’t doing. And Noah should learn it from someone else may be the master?
It is also my the father of Miley and Noah does not concern if his daughters twerk or not and the visible evidence that the big won as I said before appeared naked and twerked and made a lot of questionable actions.
And let’s have fun of watching Miley Cyrus twerking :

Mel B Shows off twerking skills in twerkout video

The 38 years old star is not going to stop from doing what the kids are doing these days. The former spice girl star proved that she can twerk on a video on her Instagram page.

She decided to give her fans a peek of her twerking skills in action while Mel B was doing a new workout program , we can call it Twerkout.

Mel B with pink spandex shorts and a white tank top bent down and started  shaking her booty, while the instructor stand beside her giving her some tips on how to improve her performance.

Mel B wrote along with her twerking video : Getting my twerk dance on with @twerkout.

She admitted twerking is not easy for her as it is for others , so she wore kneepads for this reason . it also made her being nervous though.

She wrote on her Instagram that she got her pads ready for her private twerk class with the amazing @lexypanterra for @twerkout arrhhhh soooo excited and nervous.

Her full name is Melanie Janine Brown and she was a member of the Spice Girls band , she was born in May 29, 1975.

She is an English artist, songwriter, actress, dancer, author , TV presenter, and model. 

Her net worth estimated as July 2013 to $85 million.

Mel B announced in 2006 it was carrying children from the American actor Eddie Murphy and after birth proved Testing the blood that, she gave birth to a girl she named Angel.

She married from Jimmy Gulzar in 1998 but they separated in 2000 , and 2007 she married again from Stephen Belafonte.

Will Miley Cyrus be able to Twerk in Finland

U.S. sanctions on Russia for two shows affect the U.S. Pop Stars

Organizers the two shows to Americans pop star Miley Cyrus and pop star Justin Timberlake in Finland on Thursday said that U.S. sanctions imposed on Russia including concerts because the owner of the place where it will be held are Russian people. 

Timberlake will present a concert in coming May where all its tickets are sold already in the Hartwall courtyard of the Finnish capital, Helsinki and owned by Gennady Timchenko one of the founders of the company Jnfor for oil trading and brothers Boris and Arcady Rothenberg.

There were three names on the list of entry and prevent freezing of funds issued by the United States last month and included close allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, after Russia annexed Ukrainian Crimea.

It is scheduled to Cyrus presents her concert at the same arena, the largest entertainment district in Finland in June.

The(Live Nation Vineland)  organizer company of two shows in Helsinki said that her lawyer with the American authorities are looking whether the sanctions imposed on the owners of the place will lead to the prevention of concerts. 

Nina Casturn chief executive of the company Said "we looking the possibility that it affects the concerts."

She added, "If that happens we will have to find a different solution., But I think that the problem will be resolved and that the concerts will be held."

Timchenko and Brotherhood Rothenberg bought last year share in team Jokerit ice hockey as well as the arena in which the team plays.

It Could not be reached for company Timchenko and brothers Rothenberg in Finland for comment.