17 sexiest celebrities Twerking GIFS

If you haven’t tried it or heard about it , it is Twerking the new fad in the society of America nowadays which make as a kind of revolution between people who like to communicate and tapping their videos on the network social websites like YouTube , Facebook, and Twitter, and Twerking becomes the most modern way of communicate between people and women become like they have a contest in this profession … and that is not enough , so even celebrities follow them to compete in order to achieve their goals by increasing and surprising their fans and lovers …
on the other side, many people round the world does not like it and consider that like a kind of decline in moving through bad ways especially old mind as I called them … I think it is new and good way if we can get some joy of doing or watching it, because rotten is not always good and we as human beings need always to change our life and our actions.. we should change and create new means of joyful ways making happiness does not leave us at all… believe me that sometimes we like to abuse drugs in order to forget something hurt us so twerking is better and make us plying a kind of sport moves and enjoy.
life is very beautiful and in the same time is very hard and all of us, I am sure, had faced many bad situations and seriously that we need something to do in order to pass those bad times and it is normal when see person dancing in a crazy way and fell happy and make people round him happy also.
So let’s forget some of old mind calls and enjoy with twerking and I offer to you some of the sexiest celebrities GIFS to see and have fun and don’t forget to try it.
The website gift 

Kate Upton twerking happily

Anastasia Ashley twerking on the beach

Kim Kardashian doing it by shaking her tailfeather

Kim Kardashian twerking in a very sexy way

Azealia Banks shaking down at the club… perfectly

Coco Austin, wife of Ice T, teaching how to twerk

Lady Gaga naked twerking in bathroom… not bad

Miley Cyrus the queen of twerking 

Nicki Minaj is jealous of Miley Cyrus 

Nicki Minaj again jealous of Cyrus

Rihanna... all people same … she also can twerking

Yup … gift for her fans at the concert

Vanessa Hudgens... has a beautiful pant 

Every one twerking... in every part of the body

Iggy Azalea … she is tired of twerking

Taylor Swift … no. no .no she is not idiot … she is twerking

Cats can also twerking

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