Top 10 Twerk Playlist

2013 was not normal year according to many things has being seen , and Twerk was one of them , not that is related to the Miley Cyrus performance on her MTV stage but also many things like 100BPM sound that emerged from the 8-8- heavy trap scene. It called 100 by some people and bounce by other ones. You can see that a lot of people were throwing Twerk into the titles off their songs although if they were not usual twerk sound.  If you and your companion ( boyfriend- girlfriend ) is trying to get twerk on , look immediately at tracks that tell you what’s on the label directly?!
So let’s start our journey …

1 – Toney Junior – Twerk Anthem
Do you twerk to electro house?  You could like this one –Electro House Anthem – and had it the exact same song.

2 – Valentino Khan – Twerk 4 Gold
straight up instructional trap music. From the early days of DAD is this monster, the first recurring series.

3 – Caked Up – Ass Down Twerk
Go on , proper 100 BPM of twerk music.

4 – Butch Clancy – Lazy Twerk
It is a bit slower , Temp still has the vibe. You can pull a Bankhead bounce to this!

5 – Tisoki – Twerk
Tisoki 110 BPM may be a slower twerk . I am not sure if people are twerking during 140BPm.

6 – Diamond Pistols ft. Anna Yvette – Twerk
It is infections. This is Alien twerk music Intergalactic Lazer fight .

7 – 2Deep & Corrupted Data – Twerk it Out
You drop this track during the finals of the twerking competition at next spring break fiesta . this track for a stage in the pool and there are some jerk who are blasting water at the girls. 

8 – K A V I A R – Twerk
By this track you need to bring your friends for a twerk –a-thon.

9 – GRIMEace – Twerk 2.0
You need to be nude and have some sinister during it. This may give you to feel something special as you performing twerking through his track.

10 – K Millz ft. Chelley – twerk It
It is amazing , and better with you as a meta –twerk masterpiece .

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