Best Top 5 Twerk Songs in 2013

The word Twerk is entered to the Oxford English Dictionary at the last period of 2013. I present to you some of the best twerking songs in 2013 which will make me want to get down and shake that although I am not master in doing it , and I am sure you will do the same when you hear them, for sure as women because it is disgusting if we see men doing it … this is my point of view as a male … but may there are other point of views for you as female.
Twerking in 2013 has achieved a quantum leap in the field of modern and strange dances, and a lot of people especially the parents see it as a decline in behavior and it is not acceptable for them and for their children.
But the 2013 gives it the popularity to lunch commonly which it started by the performance of Miley Cyrus at the MTV Awards for best video , in addition that many celebrities like Beyonce , Nicki Minaj , etc. have made some moves through their live concerts or video tapes on the social network websites.
so if you don’t know how to be a professional twerker , you can learn from previous blog how to twerk in three easy ways , and all you need is to listen to those best 5 twerk songs and learn from that blog how to twerk and step by step you will be professional twerker and the blog with title HowTo Twerk , so let’s now listen to those wonderful songs and twerk as Miley Cyrus.

 1. “Trampoline” – Tinie Tempah, feat. 2 Chainz

2. “Gas Pedal” – Sage The Gemini, feat. IamSu

3. “Headband” – B.o.B., feat. 2 Chainz

4. “Bubble Butt” – Major Lazer, feat. Bruno Mars, Tyga, & Mystic

5. “#Twerkit” – Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj

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