Sexiest Twerking video of December 2014

For this month i choose for you the best 5 twerking video of December i hope you like it

Porsha Williams twerking on The Real [video]

Watch Porsha Williams twerking and trying to mend relationships , where she stopped by The Real to speak about her feud with The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Jennifer Lopez Twerking with Iggy Azalea AMA 2014 [photos]

When you have a ticket to attend the American Music Awards 2014 , how would like to see in the show? And what would like to see in the end of the show? Half-hour of Beyonce show ? or may some circus dancers?

Katy Perry Hot Bikini Twerking [photos]

Here’s something you never expected to see. Well. It’s Katy Perry photos as she was twerking on a yacht.

Miley Cyrus imitates both Kardashian and Minaj [photos]

Miley Cyrus published set of her photos on Instagram imitating both of Kardashian and Minaj butts.

Failing video of twerking girl farts and craps her pants

Watch for the first time on a hot twerking video but from another side, where we found a hot professional twerking women failed to do something before she immersed  to twerk .

Iggy Azalea trousers split during her twerking at BAR MITZVAH [video]

Azalea showed us her twerking talents with J Lo in the pair’s Booty video-but his time went wrong , she supposed to be in a tiny leotard.

Twerking video of the week

10 Celebs Twerking including Miley Cyrus [GIFS]

We will start with the queen of twerking the belle Miley Cyrus , she is apparently on the twerk team , twerking at like a college level at least . Cyrus had a very beautiful song called We can’t stop where she was almost nude and making wired faces and there is electrical tape on her boobs.
Check it out:

Sexiest twerking women in one video

In this video i collected most sexiest twerking women , i hope you like it .... and plaese do not forget to comment on it .....

15 sexy twerking photos of Coco Austin

Coco Austin danced recently up a storm at a private New York City pool party making a splash in a barely-there bikini.

Woman knocked by B.O.B. as she was twerking and exposed her boobs off stage (video)

Twerking is not for everyone and this what ensured by B.O.B. when he knocked a woman twerking off stage hilariously during an interview on Wild 94.9’s “The JV show”. Unfortunately ,

Video of a teacher Jessica Vanessa quitting to twerk on Vine

It is good thing to wake up every day and go to twerk, there is no reason to do it unless you love it.
If you were teacher assistant , there wouldn’t be a problem to like twerking  ,

Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez celebrate the Booty . Watch the new Video

They exactly deliver what the song promises, and the celebration of Jennifer Lopez’s backside has arrived. The new video featuring a bounce booty from the bell Iggy Azalea .

Best Twerking GIFS

Nicki Minaj twerking Anaconda

Nicki Minaj Twerked at MTV VMA 2014 giving a raunchy and sexy performance

This year in MTV video Awards which held on Sunday night 25 last August , there was a big surprise as we accustomed to see every year but this year the heroine was Nicki Minaj with the same way of Miley Cyrus

In Honor of her Husband , Amber posted a new sexy twerking video( photos + video)

Amber Rose returned newly to post a hot twerking video trying through to flaunting her sexy backside , shocking everyone watch this video. And her followers are obsessing over it.

Nicole Scherzinger joined the list of twerking Celebrity

You must watch this video, the belle Nicole Scherzinger joined the list of twerking celebrity which is led by Miley Cyrus on a pretty grisly twerking display at G-A-Y.
Nicole had a concert in London in last July and she presented something amazing to her fans there to the extent that audience should to focus on every small details of her performance while she was dancing but in new sexy way or as we should say , twerking very professionally and sexy way .
Nicole prepared herself and she was dressing in a tincy sparkly hotpants putting Miley Cyrus to shame by twerking the hell out of her performance.

The concert was at London’s G-A-Y club night at Heaven in one night of Saturdays of July.
Nicole Scherzinger was born in June 29, 1978, she is an American pop singer, songwriter, dancer, and fashion model, known as the lead of the pussycats Dolls musical. Scherzinger family name comes from the name of the family of a husband and her mother. Her most popular hit songs are: (Boomerang) (Dont hold your Breath) (Right there) which she sang with singer (50 Cent) and achieved high views in YouTube reached 79 million (Try with me) (Baby Love feat. Will.I.Am) (Whatever U like ft. TI). (Poison) (Wet) In 2013, she got an invitation to sing with the Italian singer (Eros Ramazzotti) and was the name of the song (Fino All'Estasi) she also sang with singer (Alex Gaudino) and was the name of the song (Missing You).

Nicole Scherzinger joined the band pussycats Dulles in May 2003 operated by Robin antennae, business manager for the band , and the band has achieved global success since that time, reaching the songs: "Do not Cha", "Buttons", "Stickwitu "and " When I Grow Up "to rank among the top ten most popular songs in the United States.

Jennifer Lopez new Album with Booty Twerking Clip

Jennifer Lopez surprised us again taking a page out of Miley Cyrus’ book and twerking.
The 44 years old singer released a teaser music video aptly named Booty on June 17 in a teaser promoting her new album.
This song is part of Jennifer Lopez latest album A.K.A which also includes recent hit song of Jenny I luv ya papi  and also recent released song Never Satisfied and Acting Like that  featuring the belle Iggy Azalea .
So I think that twerking is specified for whom has a beautiful body and big booty like jenny.
And I am sure that a lot of women wander how Jenny can maintain on her beautiful body although she advances in age like other people.
 In the early years of stardom... a Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez had very special metrics in agility even if she appeared ideal scales textures filled in some parts of her body... In the recent period Jennifer rebelled on weight despite impress many with her body and succeeded in reducing it to the ideal rates for confirming she is still beautiful and a symbol of femininity and attractiveness even if more than forty.
She is playing walking and Swedish light exercises and when she watches TV she practices some aerobics and some light dances and after going her children to the bed at half past eight in the evening.

From time to time she goes to the sports training center next to the Office of her husband, which makes her feel psychologically comfortable and enjoy life.
Jenny admitted that she eats in most days pills contain a high proportion of fiber and coffee contain a limited amount of caffeine with water and fresh fruit juice.
Barbecue and turkey meat or grilled pullet breast with cheese sandwich and a dish of green salad is the best meal for her.
So if you like to have a body like Jenny and to be professional in twerking and have great booty you should follow the star Jennifer Lopez.

Rihanna twerking in transparent dress completely (Video)

Rihanna twerking in her transparent sexy dress, so Just after seeing this video we guess that Rihanna will not get any more risqué  after that transparent sequinny dress during her appearance at the CFDA awards last week. And the video was uploaded by a member of her team.

The brown star hitched her dress above her knew and started to twerk celebrating her 2014 Fashion Icon nod. She wore an extremely revealing mesh- and crystal dress and twerked in it that night.

Adam Selman who designed the dress who is her costume designer, so Rihanna was named the 2014’s fashion icon that night, and she celebrated in her way by her fashioned twerking on Instagram.

The dress was designed especially for her by Adam Salman, who explained to site that it is a fishing net and a small crystals and a scarf and a piece to cover the head. "And it is worth mentioned that the dress of 216 thousand pieces of Crystal.

The Dress triggered controversy and attracted attention to her presence during the ceremony, as Rihanna was wearing gloves and a hat studded with crystals.

Rihanna has completed her appearance with a piece of fur with pink color and shoes of Manolo Blahnik and jewelry from Morelli and ring from Jacob.

Rihanna had already worn a transparent black dress during her concert X Factor and the audience was reacting with her greatly.

Her appearance was distinctive and elegant, Rihanna also performed her amazing song "diamonds" that the audience love so much, and during the ceremony it was rained artificially which Rihanna swayed beneath.

You can see some photos of the belle Rihanna here in her two transparent dresses:

Nicki Minaj teases new song by twerking

It is good idea you can tease a new song by twerking . 

And thus what Nicki has done with the heels of her Chi-Raq collaboration with rising Chicago rapper Lil Herb, she previews a new song of her new highly- anticipated album The Pink Print.
The lookin Ass femcee from the wee hours of the morning posted a video teasing a potential new single song. There is no details about the song , she just posted a video of herself moving her hips to the tune of her own voice.
Sexy star Nicki Minaj posted another video few minutes later with a funny caption saying that This ain’t me. It’s a friend of mine.
The new song like as the background music to her twerking .
It may the melodic single is just background and not as it was rumored about releasing a new album On May 5.
I like this song and her moves she is like a fish body, Nicki is very sexy  and a lot of us fellow her news and latest works . I hope to see full video clip of a new song to Nicki where she twerking and winding .
She is professional twerker and I am sure that she can present more and more , and I distinguished from some people who do not like Twerking and describe it as lewd dance, I think they are from another planet , Yeeeeh.
We should develop and create new ways and life style to make us more happy and forget our problems …
Nicki Minaj of the stars who like to live the modern life styles and behave normal as any normal person , but who is up normal , who does not like something and call other people to do the same ….
So let’s twerk all and enjoy to see our celebrities twerking and forget up normal people.