Jennifer Lopez new Album with Booty Twerking Clip

Jennifer Lopez surprised us again taking a page out of Miley Cyrus’ book and twerking.
The 44 years old singer released a teaser music video aptly named Booty on June 17 in a teaser promoting her new album.
This song is part of Jennifer Lopez latest album A.K.A which also includes recent hit song of Jenny I luv ya papi  and also recent released song Never Satisfied and Acting Like that  featuring the belle Iggy Azalea .
So I think that twerking is specified for whom has a beautiful body and big booty like jenny.
And I am sure that a lot of women wander how Jenny can maintain on her beautiful body although she advances in age like other people.
 In the early years of stardom... a Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez had very special metrics in agility even if she appeared ideal scales textures filled in some parts of her body... In the recent period Jennifer rebelled on weight despite impress many with her body and succeeded in reducing it to the ideal rates for confirming she is still beautiful and a symbol of femininity and attractiveness even if more than forty.
She is playing walking and Swedish light exercises and when she watches TV she practices some aerobics and some light dances and after going her children to the bed at half past eight in the evening.

From time to time she goes to the sports training center next to the Office of her husband, which makes her feel psychologically comfortable and enjoy life.
Jenny admitted that she eats in most days pills contain a high proportion of fiber and coffee contain a limited amount of caffeine with water and fresh fruit juice.
Barbecue and turkey meat or grilled pullet breast with cheese sandwich and a dish of green salad is the best meal for her.
So if you like to have a body like Jenny and to be professional in twerking and have great booty you should follow the star Jennifer Lopez.

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