In her Wedding Dress, Amber Rose twerking

As there are some boots are made for waking, there are also some weeding dresses are made for twerking. And who is wearing this wedding dress and twerking? it is Amber Rose on the night before her wedding to Wiz Khalifa , She offered her ahem , assets , and our evidence is on Instagram. 

The belle Amber Rose pulls the wedding dress off like a champ although sometimes about the whole wedding dress- meets-rumps shaking seems a bit off.
And this a great note for Miley, she should to be professional twerker, she must wear wedding dress…. It is more comfortable.

Amber Rose is an actress, fashion model and girl-American community at the age of 30 years. She has begun to increase her fame when she was in a relationship with a famous rapper Kanye West, before he left her and linked to Kim Kardashian. Amber is characterized with beautiful features, soft, and is famous for her up normal shot hairstyle and that she does not change it at all, she said in a television interview when asked if she was thinking in that increase the length of her hair that she think about it sometimes, but they are convinced that it may be the only woman in the world which increases her beauty when they are bald. 

a fashion model Amber Rose had told that reason separation from her former beloved American singer Kanye West goes back to his betrayal of her with socialite Kim Kardashian and added Amber Rose in dialogue with the magazine star Kim Kardashian was sending sexy pictures of Kanye West darling and send him SMS and that was as her relate to reggae Bush that she was betraying her lover with the lover of Amber Rose

She added that she tried more than once facing Kim so she were not listed and in the end thanked to Kim because she made ​​her recognize her true love rapper Wiz Khalifa is worth...

A guide to twerking , when and why it starts , what led to popularize it ?

If you wander what is twerking and you have two ears and eyes , having a pulse to know about it because you watching news of celebrities and their performance on twerking and you like to be of the professional twerking dancers whose their videos fill YouTube… ok we will guide you .

First of all Miley Cyrus helped to popularize twerking especially after her performance at the 2013 MTV VMSs fix.
And now let’s answer on these questions to have more details.
Who … is twerking?
All people twerking students and strippers , parents and children , Nicki Minaj,  Beyonce, Rihanna , and firstly and lastly Miley Cyrus , the former Hanna Montana star through her video on Facebook where she was twerking in her living room , then in her song We Can’t Stop and lastly her performance on the MTV awards with Robin Thicke. She declared that she hasn’t really seen one bad comment about her twerking video.
What is twerking?
It is a kind of dancing in which a person should shake her ass up and down in provocative way , and it has many moves like shaking bums on the ground or on the wall or in behind a person in which the ass of the dancer will become in front of a standing person.
When twerkers start their dancing?
I think that Miley is the creator of this dancing after because she was enough brave to stand on the stage and twerking for the first time in front of millions of fans either who attending the concert or they watching it on the small screen.
After this strong step by her, twerking has entered the Oxford English Dictionary as a kind of dancing.
Why people tend to twerk nowadays?
Firstly because Miley Cyrus did before and secondly its moves are relevant to you, you want just to do it.
How I can twerk?
Watch a lot of twerking videos on YouTube and watch our tutorial How to Twerk and you will be professional twerker.

10 Funniest Twerk Videos

The extreme dancing twerking is the act of thrusting one’s buttocks rhythmically, if you want to know how to twerk, it is easy because for example YouTube is full of tens of thousands of uploaded videos to different dancers, Amateurs, professional, celebrities, etc. and what you need is just turn on the music and watch a lot of those videos and try to imitate their moves and fell the situation. But be careful because there are some hard movements, which led you to make a disaster like the video of the girl who twerking on the door and then she made a fire and she would kill herself. So step by step try to twerk.
Many people say that twerking is a modern dancing style but I do not agree with them, I think that as a dancing it may be new but as movements I think we used to make such movements in our ordinary live and even with some dancing when we take some of shaking bums through other kinds of dancing.
The goal of our website is to talk just about twerking, know, and watch the latest videos and news about twerking. It is a kind of forgetting our real life and enjoying in something which can give us feeling happily and newly in our dancing.
Some people do not accept this idea and consider twerking is not elegant … I say that for every hour its conditions … sometimes we like to listen to slow romance music and feel the love with our partner, and some time we feel that it is time to behave like crazy and raising the music loudly and just dancing, twerking nudity no matter just to have fun.
Now returning to our subject we will watch the funniest twerking videos 

1 – Morgan Freeman and twerking


2 – Guerilla twerking

3 – the most worst music of twerking ever

4 – Cat Twerking


5 – Captain Kirk and star Trek Crew enjoy Cyrus twerking


6 – Bulldog Twerking

7- Twerking for Jesus


8 – Teletubbies twerking

9 – Twerking of football players

10 – Fire due to twerking


Miley and Madonna dance ends a slap on the hips ... Photos

Before performing her last song in the ceremony of the "MTV", singing star Miley Cyrus " began Don’t Tel Me" for Madonna. then, Madonna emerged from the audience and stepped up to the side of the stage beside Miley where the two stars led  the song "We Can’t Stop" together .. and Madonna danced the dance of "twerking," as she stretched out her tongue as Miley does, before she gets a slap on the hips by Miley. Interestingly, Madonna sought for the success of this performance, as was previously with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.
On the other side  the video for the new American singer Miley Cyrus has achieved a record  in which it appears on the iron ball bomb on the site'' YouTube''.
Wracking Ball was seen 91 million times in 3 days.
the old 20-year-old Miley Cyrus has raised controversy in the United States since a brief period with the dance known as twerking  which performed during a presentation by singer Robin Thick with the awards ceremony'' MTV'' musical.
"Wrecking Ball", is an emotional song talking about a devastating love does not end with the end of the relationship .. During the song Cyrus says "Never say I left you .. I will always want you."
Cyrus said via Twitter that the video of her song has 40 million views since last Monday, noting that the filmmaker Terry Richardson published another video for the song after it verify 150 million views.
The previous record for viewing according to the website "Vivo" has recorded by a song for the British band "One Direction".

Video of Professional Dancers performing Twerking

Either you like it or not, Twerking is a modern and beautiful way of dance, many people can’t wait to see synchronized Twerking in the Olympics, it becomes recognized dance style although a lot of old mind people dislike it and consider it as a decline of morality, and prevent their teenagers children from following their celebrities like Miley Cyrus at the MTV Awards.
It should be more popular between celebrities , not for advertising their works but because as I see it is a new style in our life and something beautiful and the evidence to my speech is by looking for Twerking on YouTube you will find tens of thousands videos by normal people who competing to show their twerking between people .
We are in the age of technology (mobiles – luxury cars –luxury life –etc.) we need something which is away from rotten and I think that we find it in twerking.
And here in this video we can enjoy and see that’s right, Booty popping, Shaking and bouncing… finding its way into the career of professional dancers.
So we consider any dancer who seeking to get money through her craft is a professional one fairly.
Twerking is not an easy and in the same time is not hard... all you need is good size bum and  practice a bit through watching twerking videos for professionals like this video down  in addition to listing to twerking songs in order to feel the case .
Here in this video you will see a twerking band , they twerking in amazing way like creating new ways and moves of twerking although their bum are normal and I think that twerking needs big size of bums in order to be great.
Let’s watch the video and do not forget to give us your opinion, isn’t great twerking?