The 15 most important funny twerking moments in 2013

Hi … I present to you the most amazing twerking videos related to 2013 … especially after it (twerking) became popular in both artistic and educational sides, where Miley Cyrus offered amazing show on the MTV video Awards 2013, and then Twerking has entered to the English Oxford Dictionary.
And now let’s enjoy with some of the most wonderful and important twerking videos through 2013. I am sure when you see them all will not stop laughing.

1 –Miley Cyrus through Us Can’t Stop

2 – Group of high school students were suspended for twerking at their school

3 – This kid was twerking in geometry class but it was not suspended

4 – The twerking catcher for North Carolina State’s baseball team John Mangum

5 – Ellen DeGeneres learning how to twerk

6 – This turkey twerking well like someone in our mid

7 – This twerking turkey is Miley Cyrus… good. Go on

8 – This guy twerking in bathroom

9 – This is an old man and he interesting to know what is twerking

10 – This girl … twerking for anyone… mums. Dad. Grandma. No problem

11 – Big Freedia has the twerking world record award

12 - Those crazy girls twerking suicide on the subway tracks

13 – Rihanna twerking in her song video Pour it up…. Good job

14 – This women twerking in Panera Bread… I think that twerking like drug addiction when the time came you can’t postpone it later whenever you were … you should do your duty.

15 – This girl twerking in Church … no comment

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