10 Funniest Twerk Videos

The extreme dancing twerking is the act of thrusting one’s buttocks rhythmically, if you want to know how to twerk, it is easy because for example YouTube is full of tens of thousands of uploaded videos to different dancers, Amateurs, professional, celebrities, etc. and what you need is just turn on the music and watch a lot of those videos and try to imitate their moves and fell the situation. But be careful because there are some hard movements, which led you to make a disaster like the video of the girl who twerking on the door and then she made a fire and she would kill herself. So step by step try to twerk.
Many people say that twerking is a modern dancing style but I do not agree with them, I think that as a dancing it may be new but as movements I think we used to make such movements in our ordinary live and even with some dancing when we take some of shaking bums through other kinds of dancing.
The goal of our website is to talk just about twerking, know, and watch the latest videos and news about twerking. It is a kind of forgetting our real life and enjoying in something which can give us feeling happily and newly in our dancing.
Some people do not accept this idea and consider twerking is not elegant … I say that for every hour its conditions … sometimes we like to listen to slow romance music and feel the love with our partner, and some time we feel that it is time to behave like crazy and raising the music loudly and just dancing, twerking nudity no matter just to have fun.
Now returning to our subject we will watch the funniest twerking videos 

1 – Morgan Freeman and twerking


2 – Guerilla twerking

3 – the most worst music of twerking ever

4 – Cat Twerking


5 – Captain Kirk and star Trek Crew enjoy Cyrus twerking


6 – Bulldog Twerking

7- Twerking for Jesus


8 – Teletubbies twerking

9 – Twerking of football players

10 – Fire due to twerking


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