Miley Cyrus performing a subject of controversy in America for her Twerking

Exciting performance is still very carried out by singer Miley Cyrus during a concert delivered Awards «MTV» musical, the focus of controversy in the United States, where minivan Association called «dropping capital». The former Star of the «Disney» Series, took very exciting scandalous dance steps and during the performance of a song «Blurred Lines» with singer Robin thick. 
This show was not suitable for young viewers of fourteen, according to a total of «Barents Television Counsel» struggling violent and sexual content and in television programs, which belongs to it the father of Cyrus, one of its Consultant members. And the group denounced as «promote messages of a sexual nature directed at the youth», adding that the station «MTV» still sexually exploit women and promote exciting dance steps ». And it demanded «dropping heads in MTV».
And many mothers has expressed across the station «CNN» for their displeasure of the presentation was led by the singer, who was took the role of the teen Hannah Montana.
But this controversy has not had any impact on the young singer, who was in 2011 the richest teen in Hollywood. She wrote on the «Twitter» that «her performance reaped 306 000 twitters, » on the social networking site. And she re-twitted commentary in the magazine «Rolling Stone» which stated that she was «evening star». Also she published two photos in her sexy dressed.
The station «MTV» recommended adolescents under the fourteenth not to watch her concert which was watched by 10.1 million viewers directly, according to the Institute «Nielsen».

On the other hand, the word «Twerking» entered, which refers to the exciting and sexually suggestive dancing, that Miley Cyrus did it during the concert, to the Oxford Dictionary of reference in the English language, along with other words. 
And movements that fall under this exciting dancing from American hip-hop culture known under the name «Twerking» for nearly twenty years. But «Twerking» won official recognition now annexed to the recent online edition of the Dictionary heritage.

"Twerk" Duo combines "Justin Bieber" and "Miley Cyrus" for the first time

In a pleasant surprise for their fans, the two stars Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus decided to join together in a duet titled "Twerk."
one source close to the two stars of the site revealed to the  American website  "E Online", that it has already begun recording and they ended their significant portion of them, but stressed that the official version in front of it sometime in order to show the light.
It is expected to be offered in conjunction with the launch of rich Today Miley Cyrus in the markets, as a kind of propaganda.
And it is expected for the song "Twerk" to achieve tremendous success, due to the popularity stellar former "Disney" between their teenagers and young audience.
But some critics expects the song to raise some controversy because of the meaning of the word " Twerk ," that word recently added to the Oxford Dictionary , means dancing to folk songs in a sexually provocative way , which actually Miley Cyrus adopted it  through  concert MTV which her performance gave resentment all of her subsidiaries .
and the Cyrus audience , and the artistic community and the media has gone to a vicious attack on her because of her presenting  a singing and dancing show which was filled with sexually explicit provocative ways , during the awards ceremony , " MTV in 2013 ." 
Where Cyrus made a dancing presentation, accompanied by animated dolls, before turning this show to suddenly one which is full of erotic movements, after she took off her clothes and appeared semi-nude along with singer Robin Thicke.
So do you agree with what Cyrus did, or you don’t like it?
Let’s Twerk with Miley Cyrus if you r happy…

Students were punished because of twerking

A group of American high school students were punished for their dances in way exciting inside the school.
The video clip has been posted on YouTube shows a group of students within a school dance "Scripps Ranch" secondary exciting way, has had in the hands of teachers to decide the punishment of approximately 33 students.
and exciting Dance known as "twerking " between music fans of the "hip-hop", includes bring `s exciting parts of the body, and of its leading star" Beyoncé "and" Miley Cyrus ".
 A group of students a school has led in the city," San Diego "in this dancing to punish them, according to the site ABC news.
One of the students said on his account in "Twitter" that many of the students had been called in the sixth lesson of the school day including 3 students and 10 students of his class only.
The involved students, as well as after-school detention, the possibility of deprived them to attend the ceremony for the school dance and graduation ceremony along with many other activities for the school year as part of the punishment.   
And "Jack Brandeis," the spokesman of the Federation of schools in the "San Diego" rejected to comment on the punishment, which occurred on the students. While the account, in which was published on YouTube, removed the video.
According to the rules the school regarding dance, students are prohibited from doing any dances may contain movements are considered sexually provocative or similarity in sexual activities.
It is noteworthy that twerking is modern dance but it is done in provocative way, and many considered it forbidden especially for their children who are not more than 14 years old.
So what your point view … do you consider it forbidden or not? If not, let’s twerk!


Twerking is a modern type of dancing where it is made by a sexually provocative manner by thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance. 
This modern dance has started since 2000s and it has been associated with modern hip hop culture in the United States.  
The term of Twerking is of uncertain origin, but it is close to common assumptions include a portmanteau of the words like Twist and Jerk and a contraction of footwork.

History of Twerking

Twerking was entered into hip hop culture by way of the New Orleans bounce music scene in the United States, and the first song introduced Twerking in 1993 by DJ Jubilee “Do the Jubilee All, where he chanted “Twerk baby, Twerk baby, Twerk, Twerk, Twerk. And through this song video Twerking was introduced and increased its popularity. Then in 1995 the song “Twerk Something!” was recorded by New Orleans-based rapper Cheeky Blakk and it is dedicated to Twerking. DJ Jubilee in 1997 recorded another song “Get Ready, Ready” and by this song he encouraged again the listeners to “Twerk it!”

Cultural impact

In 2000 - Twerking first received national recognition in the United States by the song “Whistle While You Twurk”, the hip hop duo Ying Yang Twins recorded it and it peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.
2002 – Ying Yang Twins entered it in their later track “Say I Yi Yi”.
2005 – Beyoncé recorded a song and she sings through” Dip it, pop it, twerk it, stop it,”
2006 - The rapper Huey recorded the song “pop, Lock & Drop it” which it reached six places on the US Billboard Hot 100.
2006 - Justin Timberlake recorded the hit single “Sexy Black” so he through this song featuring the lyrics “Let me see what you’re Twerking with.”
2011 – The Twerking team, which are a group of female dancers called themselves Twerk Team, and they posted many videos through YouTube of themselves Twerking, and Waka Flocka Flame recorded the song Round of Applause where they mentioned during this song.
April 2012 – Juicy J recorded the single “Bandz a Make Her Dance” which it contains the lyric “Start Twerking when she hears her song”.
2012 – Fresh Montana in his single Pop that where he featured fellow rappers Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne by asking the girl to twerk “what are twerkin with.”
2012- the song Express You by Nicky DA B and Diplo which it contains the lyric” Made twerking the most popular dance”.
April 2013 – the song “Express Yourself “ was released by rapper Danny Brown , and this song inspired by music producer the same name of Diplo’s song.
June 2013 – the Jamaican dancehall-inspired single Twerk it by rapper Busta Rhymes and featured by Nicki Minaj. And Minaj has been featured on several other singles like Dance with Big Sean, the song Shakin it 4 Daddy with Robin Thicke. And she was seen twerking in all of aforementioned songs videos.
August 2013 – Lil Twist released the song Twerk, and it featured Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.
August 2013 – the track Scholarship by Juicy J on the third album Stay trippy where he offered a reward of $ 50000 for the best twerking girl in a competition. And it named in September the Top Television Word of the year 2012-2013.
2013 – The Oxford Dictionary Online added the word twerk.


The administration of Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego suspended 33 students for using school equipment to make twerking video and uploaded it on YouTube later on school grounds.
After that in August 2013 and during the MTV video Music Awards , the artist Miley Cyrus twerked  through her song We Can’t Stop in sexually provocative performance , and then with Robin Thicke in his song Blurred Line and Give it 2 U , so she generated controversy .