"Twerk" Duo combines "Justin Bieber" and "Miley Cyrus" for the first time

In a pleasant surprise for their fans, the two stars Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus decided to join together in a duet titled "Twerk."
one source close to the two stars of the site revealed to the  American website  "E Online", that it has already begun recording and they ended their significant portion of them, but stressed that the official version in front of it sometime in order to show the light.
It is expected to be offered in conjunction with the launch of rich Today Miley Cyrus in the markets, as a kind of propaganda.
And it is expected for the song "Twerk" to achieve tremendous success, due to the popularity stellar former "Disney" between their teenagers and young audience.
But some critics expects the song to raise some controversy because of the meaning of the word " Twerk ," that word recently added to the Oxford Dictionary , means dancing to folk songs in a sexually provocative way , which actually Miley Cyrus adopted it  through  concert MTV which her performance gave resentment all of her subsidiaries .
and the Cyrus audience , and the artistic community and the media has gone to a vicious attack on her because of her presenting  a singing and dancing show which was filled with sexually explicit provocative ways , during the awards ceremony , " MTV in 2013 ." 
Where Cyrus made a dancing presentation, accompanied by animated dolls, before turning this show to suddenly one which is full of erotic movements, after she took off her clothes and appeared semi-nude along with singer Robin Thicke.
So do you agree with what Cyrus did, or you don’t like it?
Let’s Twerk with Miley Cyrus if you r happy…

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