10 Celebs Twerking including Miley Cyrus [GIFS]

We will start with the queen of twerking the belle Miley Cyrus , she is apparently on the twerk team , twerking at like a college level at least . Cyrus had a very beautiful song called We can’t stop where she was almost nude and making wired faces and there is electrical tape on her boobs.
Check it out:

What you want more of seeing your star twerking her ass and making her boobs booty pop?
She is sexy and amazing .
Vanessa Hudgens Twerk
It is sexiest twerking moves, no comment because what she did is considered amazing and very sexy.

Niall Horan Twerk
I know twerkers depend on their back to twerk not vise versa.

Demi Lovato Twerk
I think that her skirt twerking not Demi.

Selena Gomez Twerk
this is her first twerking , so please don’t comment on performance.

Harry Styles Twerk
He try to explain to his colleagues how good he is in twerking

Jerkface Chris Brown (he's a jerk) Twerk
I’m sure there is something in his back made him twerking up , down like mobile vibration.

Bruno Mars (in a dress)
No comment.

Carlton Twerk
He hasn’t being professional twerker yet , but he can do it well by one move to left in sexy move.

Taylor Swift Twerk
Taylor has just entered this new field and she presented day after day good performance , she learning and twerking all places , supermarkets, malls , cinemas , and here in park.

Ice King Twerk
It’s professional twerker , this is just one of his twerking moves , it can do it on the wall or naked in the bathroom.

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