Woman knocked by B.O.B. as she was twerking and exposed her boobs off stage (video)

Twerking is not for everyone and this what ensured by B.O.B. when he knocked a woman twerking off stage hilariously during an interview on Wild 94.9’s “The JV show”. Unfortunately ,
he made her falling on her face and something else to slip … yes her boobs fell out of her top.
She was pulled by the audience to twerk in front of rapper B.O.B. but the excitement was in the mid of her twerk when the rapper knocked her by his knee forcing her to fall on the ground, yehhhhh and her boobs preceded her falling! But we advise you don’t laugh when you see the video …. We definitely would blame Cyrus for this if she did.

The woman called allegedly Theresa “ You guys wanna twerk for a second? Come on!?“ She asked by JV.
She was ready and happy to shake her back for the rapper B.O.B although her husband was too nervous to join her . Theresa had no idea that she was to do the most embarrassing fall of her life and in front of her husband , audience ,and stars like JV and Pitbull.
After she got hot and in the mid of her twerk , B.O.B. is witnessed thrusting his knee towards her back , to fall to the floor hard and screams . and finally of course her XXX large boobs fell in front of her scrambling to tuck them back in.  
It was bad for her …. But if you like to see her boobs again just ask JV to ask her to twerk in front of B.O.B.

And finally B.O.B. commented saying “ she got a big butt
Watch the video and tell us what do you think ? Did rapper B.O.B. knock her back purposely?

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