Iggy Azalea trousers split during her twerking at BAR MITZVAH [video]

Azalea showed us her twerking talents with J Lo in the pair’s Booty video-but his time went wrong , she supposed to be in a tiny leotard.

The last place you’d want to split your trousers is at a Bar Mitzvah, if you choose somewhere to happened that especially on stage.
And this what happened with the poor Iggy Azalea at the exact situation to deal with recently.
Azalea skintight trousers split in front of the audience while she was performing her hit booty stage with some hardcore twerking.
Baller Alert  hurried to publish a video  about the incident , where in the video her white knickers suddenly become visible as she was shaking her toned bum.
Azalea did not notice for a while continuing the routine, then she tried to cover herself up slightly at the  end as she discovered something went wrong down and also in the eyes of the crowd, but it was too late and the damage had done.
The crowd was mortified for the poor rapper as Baller Alert reported- but we think Iggy might has been slightly worse .  
Her fans used to seeing the star twerking with her bum right up to the camera , but what it was not expected to wear a tiny leotard through her concert although she had to twerk .
Let you watch the video and do not forget to leave your comment ….
Goodbye and our meeting with new scandal story of our twerking celebrity.

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