Top 9 Twerking videos of celebrities

Everybody from celebrities to 5 years old has officially taken the Twerk mania over trying to master the art of wiggling their butt as every star can through her way.

I put for you together the top ten celebrities videos while they are twerking  each on her own way featuring Rihanna , Beyoncé, Kate Upton, harry Styles, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus , Vanessa Hudgens, and finally Shakira.
Twerking just got serious, and you have had some serious competition, so let’s start:
1 –  Miley Cyrus: it is crowned newly the queen of twerking after this performance at the VMAs or in the video of her hit song , We Can’t Stop , where she appeared in Unicorn costume.

2 – Shakira: she already has offered professional moves through her famous song over a decade back Whenever, Whenever. and now she did again in Back it Up.

3 – Beyonce: she appeared at the stage brining the oomph with her some sophisticated twerking , and her husband Jay-Z looked from behind the DJ console proudly.

4 – Nicki Minaj : she twerking skillfully at the Billboard Awards making Mister Lil Wayne very happy.

5 – Kate Upton: Terry Richardson was given an NSFW performance by Kate , who the later directed Cyrus video for Wrecking Ball.

6 – Selena Gomez: she after watching Cyrus twerk performance, it must appraising her own moves. 

7 – Vanessa Hudgens: she offered Jay Leno and letting him know that she is not behind the game and she has her own moves.

8 – Rihanna: this video is captured to Rihanna by a close friend , and it showing her twerking and seems very focused .

9 – Ashley Tilsdale: this video is captured during a radio show , and she was twerking on her own way.

Nicki Minaj tries to twerk in Instagram video

It is Nicki Minaj twerking alert to Miley Cyrus that she is not possibly the only celebrity who able to get fame through twerking

Nicki Minaj appeared that she has been shopping although a lot of us knew that she had a lot of junk in her trunk to begin with.
The rapper supreme published by a video tape filming herself performing the dance move that give to Miley Cyrus so fame and popularity, so getting on the latest craze of twerking celebrities , and the closet equivalent.
With five of her closet twerkers in a hotel room and I am sure that one of them is not Lil Kim?
Nicki Minaj has a big feud with the other female twerker rapstar Miley and may be this video is one of her ways of getting back at Cyrus for clothing as her rival star and not her for Halloween.
Nicki Minaj asked through Twitter cruelly about who Zac Efron as she does not know about the rumors which talk about the sleeping of the pair circulated.
And amazingly the rapper twerked her way into the news as second time.
She in October posted a parody video about her famous curves flashing more boobs than her rival Cyrus did all year.
Nicki Minaj released her first album Pink Friday in November 2010, and quickly achieved commercial success, and led the forefront of the list of albums in the United States and won the adoption of platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) a month after its release.
She became the first artist to appear seven of her individual songs at the same time on the list of the top 100. Her second individual song, "you have a Love", reached number one on the list of rap songs, making it the first woman her song individual leads the top of the list since Missy Elliot in 2002. In 2012 she launched the Album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" which is ranked as platinic album. 

How to Twerk

It is the newest dance move for women and it is abed in moving the booty and accentuating the movement of the body and hips. It is become part of the dance cultural despite a lot of people considered it funny or just downright weird. I present to you some steps to learn and to be professional in twerking by easy way.
I divided twerking into three methods and every method consists of several steps so let’s start:
Method 1: 
You can practice the hands on the ground twerk
First step: 
stand and make your hands separated and parallel, then make sure that your torso if facing forward and your legs are straight.
Second step:

like the previous picture, you should put your hand on the ground as the same way. So as we see in the previous picture that your fingers should touch the ground and you can bend slightly your legs.
Third step:

this is the easiest move and most important and all you need is to bend your legs then straighten them quickly, during the movement you should accentuate your booty pop.
Method 2:
In this method you can shake twerk by doing the squat
First step: 

Be careful in this movement in order to avoid knee injury, so you should keep your knees behind your toes.
Second Step:

In this step you should pop your booty outward, like you are going to stand into a chair… in this movement the main attraction should be in the position of your booty.
Third Step: 

In this movement you should put your hand by your sides or in the air and then shake your booty to the back then to the forth… practice it with music.
Method 3:
The wall Twerk dancing
First step: 

Stand in front of a sturdy wall about 2 feet. Like the previous picture so your face away from the wall.
Second step:

Then you should put your hand in on the ground in the position like you will walk by your feet up the wall in order to not fall…. Concentrate well it is easy way and I advise you to show a lot of videos dancing in the same way.
Third step:

It is hard a bit but you should practice in order to do it, what you should do is to put your feet up the wall and then bend your knees.

Lauren Goodger twerking in a bra

Two brilliant clips of Lauren as she was shaking her booty and twerking in a bra , in addition to thong and some low riding black trousers was posted  by the former TOWIE star in what looked to be her front room during the early hours of mourning .
What her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean missed out on, Lauren Goodger has showed as she gave her 133, 627 Instagram followers through her show as the 27 years old brunette stripped off to perform the sexy dance, while the background was blared out by music.
Fortunately we have grabbed just a glorious photo of her, because unfortunately she deleted later both clips and spoil sports and we do not have the actual videos evidence.
Some of who saw her video wrote on Twitter: Lauren video on Instagram trying to pull off, and other one said: I feel Goodger is going to wake up morning with a red face after her twerking video on Instagram.
Lauren Goodger left a string of shots of her with her friends from earlier on in the night.
The Essex stunner promised her fans and lovers that there will be more lip-licious action to come in 2014, after  she treated her fans earlier this week to a glimpse of the hottest lips in showbiz  in order to end their life on high.
The 26 years old left to face the festive period of breaking up with her boyfriend Jake Mclean as a singleton, through her new year.
Jake McLean left her heartbroken before Christmas, although after a series of vows the couple were amazing but their year long relationship came to an end.
But with a twerking like this I do not fell that she will be single for long time.

Best 15 Celebrities’ Twerking

The phrase " Twerking " which refers to the erotic dance and sexually suggestive performed by American singer Miley Cyrus during the awards ceremony " MTV " Entered Sunday to the Oxford Dictionary of reference in the English language along with other words . And the movements fall under this dance emanating from the American hip-hop culture that is known under the name of “Twerking “about twenty years ago. But “Twerking " won officially recognition now annexed to the recent past online version of the dictionary. Katherine Connor Martin responsible " Online Oxford Dictionary on Wednesday explained that the phrase" Twerking was used very much last year that necessitated added to the expressions that should be pursued , and in the spring we collected enough evidence on the use of this phrase to think added to our dictionaries for English vernacular . " Miley Cyrus has led TV star Disney's previous small with Robin thick Sunday evening in New York last song , " Blurred Lines ," a provocative manner and sexually suggestive wearing underwear skin colored annexed movements sexually explicit . this has raised and offered scandal and controversy in the United States , where association concerned with the affairs of the family that it was not suitable for children in the fourteenth , and awards of " Video Music award ," which is equivalent to an annual best video clip during the year were not intended for those under fourteen . It has followed the concert directly through the TV 10.1 million viewers, according to the Nielsen Institute.  
I present to you 15 of our famous and favorite twerk pros, starting from Ashley Tisdale to One Direction to, Beyoncé, and finally the twerking queen Miley Cyrus.

 1- Little Mix:

2- Nicki Minaj:

3- Niall Horan:

4- Taylor Swift:

5- Rihanna:

6- Harry Styles:

7- Ariana Grande:

8- Justin Bieber:

9- Demi Lovato:

10- Zayn Malik:

11- Selena Gomez:

12- Beyoncé:

13- Vanessa Hudgens:

14- Ashley Tisdale:

15- Miley Cyrus: