Best 15 Celebrities’ Twerking

The phrase " Twerking " which refers to the erotic dance and sexually suggestive performed by American singer Miley Cyrus during the awards ceremony " MTV " Entered Sunday to the Oxford Dictionary of reference in the English language along with other words . And the movements fall under this dance emanating from the American hip-hop culture that is known under the name of “Twerking “about twenty years ago. But “Twerking " won officially recognition now annexed to the recent past online version of the dictionary. Katherine Connor Martin responsible " Online Oxford Dictionary on Wednesday explained that the phrase" Twerking was used very much last year that necessitated added to the expressions that should be pursued , and in the spring we collected enough evidence on the use of this phrase to think added to our dictionaries for English vernacular . " Miley Cyrus has led TV star Disney's previous small with Robin thick Sunday evening in New York last song , " Blurred Lines ," a provocative manner and sexually suggestive wearing underwear skin colored annexed movements sexually explicit . this has raised and offered scandal and controversy in the United States , where association concerned with the affairs of the family that it was not suitable for children in the fourteenth , and awards of " Video Music award ," which is equivalent to an annual best video clip during the year were not intended for those under fourteen . It has followed the concert directly through the TV 10.1 million viewers, according to the Nielsen Institute.  
I present to you 15 of our famous and favorite twerk pros, starting from Ashley Tisdale to One Direction to, Beyoncé, and finally the twerking queen Miley Cyrus.

 1- Little Mix:

2- Nicki Minaj:

3- Niall Horan:

4- Taylor Swift:

5- Rihanna:

6- Harry Styles:

7- Ariana Grande:

8- Justin Bieber:

9- Demi Lovato:

10- Zayn Malik:

11- Selena Gomez:

12- Beyoncé:

13- Vanessa Hudgens:

14- Ashley Tisdale:

15- Miley Cyrus:

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