How to Twerk

It is the newest dance move for women and it is abed in moving the booty and accentuating the movement of the body and hips. It is become part of the dance cultural despite a lot of people considered it funny or just downright weird. I present to you some steps to learn and to be professional in twerking by easy way.
I divided twerking into three methods and every method consists of several steps so let’s start:
Method 1: 
You can practice the hands on the ground twerk
First step: 
stand and make your hands separated and parallel, then make sure that your torso if facing forward and your legs are straight.
Second step:

like the previous picture, you should put your hand on the ground as the same way. So as we see in the previous picture that your fingers should touch the ground and you can bend slightly your legs.
Third step:

this is the easiest move and most important and all you need is to bend your legs then straighten them quickly, during the movement you should accentuate your booty pop.
Method 2:
In this method you can shake twerk by doing the squat
First step: 

Be careful in this movement in order to avoid knee injury, so you should keep your knees behind your toes.
Second Step:

In this step you should pop your booty outward, like you are going to stand into a chair… in this movement the main attraction should be in the position of your booty.
Third Step: 

In this movement you should put your hand by your sides or in the air and then shake your booty to the back then to the forth… practice it with music.
Method 3:
The wall Twerk dancing
First step: 

Stand in front of a sturdy wall about 2 feet. Like the previous picture so your face away from the wall.
Second step:

Then you should put your hand in on the ground in the position like you will walk by your feet up the wall in order to not fall…. Concentrate well it is easy way and I advise you to show a lot of videos dancing in the same way.
Third step:

It is hard a bit but you should practice in order to do it, what you should do is to put your feet up the wall and then bend your knees.

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