Lauren Goodger twerking in a bra

Two brilliant clips of Lauren as she was shaking her booty and twerking in a bra , in addition to thong and some low riding black trousers was posted  by the former TOWIE star in what looked to be her front room during the early hours of mourning .
What her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean missed out on, Lauren Goodger has showed as she gave her 133, 627 Instagram followers through her show as the 27 years old brunette stripped off to perform the sexy dance, while the background was blared out by music.
Fortunately we have grabbed just a glorious photo of her, because unfortunately she deleted later both clips and spoil sports and we do not have the actual videos evidence.
Some of who saw her video wrote on Twitter: Lauren video on Instagram trying to pull off, and other one said: I feel Goodger is going to wake up morning with a red face after her twerking video on Instagram.
Lauren Goodger left a string of shots of her with her friends from earlier on in the night.
The Essex stunner promised her fans and lovers that there will be more lip-licious action to come in 2014, after  she treated her fans earlier this week to a glimpse of the hottest lips in showbiz  in order to end their life on high.
The 26 years old left to face the festive period of breaking up with her boyfriend Jake Mclean as a singleton, through her new year.
Jake McLean left her heartbroken before Christmas, although after a series of vows the couple were amazing but their year long relationship came to an end.
But with a twerking like this I do not fell that she will be single for long time.

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