Students were punished because of twerking

A group of American high school students were punished for their dances in way exciting inside the school.
The video clip has been posted on YouTube shows a group of students within a school dance "Scripps Ranch" secondary exciting way, has had in the hands of teachers to decide the punishment of approximately 33 students.
and exciting Dance known as "twerking " between music fans of the "hip-hop", includes bring `s exciting parts of the body, and of its leading star" Beyoncé "and" Miley Cyrus ".
 A group of students a school has led in the city," San Diego "in this dancing to punish them, according to the site ABC news.
One of the students said on his account in "Twitter" that many of the students had been called in the sixth lesson of the school day including 3 students and 10 students of his class only.
The involved students, as well as after-school detention, the possibility of deprived them to attend the ceremony for the school dance and graduation ceremony along with many other activities for the school year as part of the punishment.   
And "Jack Brandeis," the spokesman of the Federation of schools in the "San Diego" rejected to comment on the punishment, which occurred on the students. While the account, in which was published on YouTube, removed the video.
According to the rules the school regarding dance, students are prohibited from doing any dances may contain movements are considered sexually provocative or similarity in sexual activities.
It is noteworthy that twerking is modern dance but it is done in provocative way, and many considered it forbidden especially for their children who are not more than 14 years old.
So what your point view … do you consider it forbidden or not? If not, let’s twerk!

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