In her Wedding Dress, Amber Rose twerking

As there are some boots are made for waking, there are also some weeding dresses are made for twerking. And who is wearing this wedding dress and twerking? it is Amber Rose on the night before her wedding to Wiz Khalifa , She offered her ahem , assets , and our evidence is on Instagram. 

The belle Amber Rose pulls the wedding dress off like a champ although sometimes about the whole wedding dress- meets-rumps shaking seems a bit off.
And this a great note for Miley, she should to be professional twerker, she must wear wedding dress…. It is more comfortable.

Amber Rose is an actress, fashion model and girl-American community at the age of 30 years. She has begun to increase her fame when she was in a relationship with a famous rapper Kanye West, before he left her and linked to Kim Kardashian. Amber is characterized with beautiful features, soft, and is famous for her up normal shot hairstyle and that she does not change it at all, she said in a television interview when asked if she was thinking in that increase the length of her hair that she think about it sometimes, but they are convinced that it may be the only woman in the world which increases her beauty when they are bald. 

a fashion model Amber Rose had told that reason separation from her former beloved American singer Kanye West goes back to his betrayal of her with socialite Kim Kardashian and added Amber Rose in dialogue with the magazine star Kim Kardashian was sending sexy pictures of Kanye West darling and send him SMS and that was as her relate to reggae Bush that she was betraying her lover with the lover of Amber Rose

She added that she tried more than once facing Kim so she were not listed and in the end thanked to Kim because she made ​​her recognize her true love rapper Wiz Khalifa is worth...

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