School Board of Peters Township mulls dance stopped for twerking

Popular dance moves Twerking shuts down Snow Ball at Peters Township High School

The decision to end a booster club-sponsored dance early was reviewing by a Western Pennsylvania school board after a chaperone reported students were dancing the sexually suggestive dance moves known as twerking .
The member of the Peters Township school board William Merrell said that he contracted a local Arthur Murray dance studio to know whether student were able might learned to dance different social graces.
And the decision was debated at the Thursday school board . and a cheerleader’s booster clubs was sponsor of the snow ball dance , which was ended about an hour early.
After that the district spokeswoman Shelly Belcher revealed that dance ended early and now officials discussing that problem and how to prevent such similar problems in future .
Ron Dunleavy one of board member does not condone twerking , but asked Merell’s dance- lesson idea he’d be all for it , if it raised academic test scores .
But twerking should be popularized after many incidents happened in 2013 , especially after entering the word Twerking into Oxford English Dictionary and this came after the dance moves by Miley Cyrus on the MTV 2013 awards … it is right that twerking has some sexual moves or it depends on sexual moves but it is still a kind of dancing and there is no illegal thing in doing it in popular places , like concerts and parties.
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