Millie Mackintosh enters Twerking World and shares snap of her twerking

What is the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning ?

Drink a cuppa ? or eat some brekkie?

Well, this is not applied on former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh .

Pro Green’s missus woke up in the morning to record her up down moves and uploaded the snap to her account on Instagram , showing off her a lovely pair of colorful PJs and ridiculously toned arms .

And then she wrote along it saying that she woke up Saturday morning upside down twerking . 

Millie seemed clearly very proud of her impressive twerking technique , to upload also a short video demonstration ( Millie is doing burpees, but still ) .

The belle Millie uploaded the new pic of her twerking on Instagram before heading out for her ritual of visiting with her hubby a farmers market.

And there she found time to taking some pics like the rapper eyeing up a busty lady holding a pig .

In fact that Saturday was full of  gym fanatic pictures , she shared a picture with friend and TV presenter Miquita Oliver . 

I think that it should launched a contest for twerking including all women ( public – celebrities – old ) who like to show off their performance and ability in doing twerking moves well , or even a program and naming it Twerking with the stars for example and we can took some ideas from the original TV show Dancing with the stars , it is great idea .

And not bad if we make also contest for men who like to twerk … not so bad … it will be interesting for women … I am sure … what do you think?

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