Miley and Madonna dance ends a slap on the hips ... Photos

Before performing her last song in the ceremony of the "MTV", singing star Miley Cyrus " began Don’t Tel Me" for Madonna. then, Madonna emerged from the audience and stepped up to the side of the stage beside Miley where the two stars led  the song "We Can’t Stop" together .. and Madonna danced the dance of "twerking," as she stretched out her tongue as Miley does, before she gets a slap on the hips by Miley. Interestingly, Madonna sought for the success of this performance, as was previously with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.
On the other side  the video for the new American singer Miley Cyrus has achieved a record  in which it appears on the iron ball bomb on the site'' YouTube''.
Wracking Ball was seen 91 million times in 3 days.
the old 20-year-old Miley Cyrus has raised controversy in the United States since a brief period with the dance known as twerking  which performed during a presentation by singer Robin Thick with the awards ceremony'' MTV'' musical.
"Wrecking Ball", is an emotional song talking about a devastating love does not end with the end of the relationship .. During the song Cyrus says "Never say I left you .. I will always want you."
Cyrus said via Twitter that the video of her song has 40 million views since last Monday, noting that the filmmaker Terry Richardson published another video for the song after it verify 150 million views.
The previous record for viewing according to the website "Vivo" has recorded by a song for the British band "One Direction".

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