A guide to twerking , when and why it starts , what led to popularize it ?

If you wander what is twerking and you have two ears and eyes , having a pulse to know about it because you watching news of celebrities and their performance on twerking and you like to be of the professional twerking dancers whose their videos fill YouTube… ok we will guide you .

First of all Miley Cyrus helped to popularize twerking especially after her performance at the 2013 MTV VMSs fix.
And now let’s answer on these questions to have more details.
Who … is twerking?
All people twerking students and strippers , parents and children , Nicki Minaj,  Beyonce, Rihanna , and firstly and lastly Miley Cyrus , the former Hanna Montana star through her video on Facebook where she was twerking in her living room , then in her song We Can’t Stop and lastly her performance on the MTV awards with Robin Thicke. She declared that she hasn’t really seen one bad comment about her twerking video.
What is twerking?
It is a kind of dancing in which a person should shake her ass up and down in provocative way , and it has many moves like shaking bums on the ground or on the wall or in behind a person in which the ass of the dancer will become in front of a standing person.
When twerkers start their dancing?
I think that Miley is the creator of this dancing after because she was enough brave to stand on the stage and twerking for the first time in front of millions of fans either who attending the concert or they watching it on the small screen.
After this strong step by her, twerking has entered the Oxford English Dictionary as a kind of dancing.
Why people tend to twerk nowadays?
Firstly because Miley Cyrus did before and secondly its moves are relevant to you, you want just to do it.
How I can twerk?
Watch a lot of twerking videos on YouTube and watch our tutorial How to Twerk and you will be professional twerker.