Rihanna gives Miley Cyrus a lesson in how to Twerk through pour it Up (Video)

The belle Rihanna has taken the challenge of Miley Cyrus, sexing up by her latest video Pour It Up. She gives Miley Cyrus a lesson in how to twerk really although she does not have to take off her clothes in order to do it. So she is not obliged to strip off complete to show her beauty, she is very sexy. And what she was wearing in her video leaves very little to our imagination.
The 25 years old performer has been posting photos on Instagram of her outfit in the video which was released where Rihanna looks and sounds amazing in her latest video.
The latest video were turned up the temperature by the sexy trio , Rihanna , Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears , where the last belle has become 31 years old of age and mother of two , but she is running out of time to keep her fantastic show of her that body off. 

On the other hand, one female who are Katy Perry does not see that it is necessary tool to appear nude. But if she wanted to learn how to twerk, she should see Rihanna because no one can perform this show like her. Rihanna looks like she’s teaching not just pole dancing but twerking as well.
If we compared between Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball and Rihanna Pour It Up we found that Rihanna does rely on raunch more than bare essentials showing an incredible amount of skin, in the way of performance she focused on the seamier side of sex through her twerking and pole dancing.

While Miley Cyrus relies her youthful and sag free body where she is 20 years old in order to sell her interpretation of sexy. She seems younger than Rihanna, but Rihanna evokes in the terms of adult earthy sexiness, and Miley is years behind.
Rihanna gives Miley a lesson in what twerking is all about and the right way to do it. Miley should take more practice and then get some size to her tiny behind.
In Which video twerking is more professionally Wrecking Ball or Pour It Up?