Nicki Minaj competed with Kardashian in bold photos

American rap singer Nicki Minaj appear sexually on the cover of a fashion magazine.

It seems that the American singer wanted 2014 not to end until she participates in the race of bold photos to catch a star of reality TV, Kim Kardashian whose naked photos published on Paper broke records in search traffic on the Internet, so we see a photo of Minaj in bikini and almost naked tops the cover of GQ magazine specializing in fashion for men.
In its report for this year's harvest of women for most sexiest in 2014 and which was published entitled The Year of Hotness, the magazine pointed out that 2014 could be called the Year of booties of what it has seen many sexy photos of celebrity women who showed their  booties during this year and on top Kardashian and Minaj.

In the context of the completion of the content of the excitement which carries the picture, the magazine attached to Minaj image a sentence cited by the last song, titled Anacondas Anaconda and carrying her sexual overtones, according to the statement on the website MailOnline.
In her dialogue with the magazine, Nicki stated for taking a decision to change her style after the completion of the third album, due to be released in December 2015 and which holds the title Pinkprint, where she emphasized the return to the normal appearance of black hair and commitment simple and natural makeup, and added that the world will be shocked by the new shape, and her intention to do the opposite of what others expect of her.

And about the great controversy sparked by the recent video for her song Anaconda and what it endures the sexual content and relationships may seem an anomaly among girls, , Minaj responded stressing that the video does not carry only the direct sense of it as entertainment and dancing which  the girl spends with her friends which is normal.

As for the list of The Year of Hotness 2014 published by the magazine, which has other women celebrities like Beyonce , casual British fashion Cara Delevingne and the Americas, Kendall and Karlie Kloss actress Alexandra Daddario.

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