Nicki Minaj teases new song by twerking

It is good idea you can tease a new song by twerking . 

And thus what Nicki has done with the heels of her Chi-Raq collaboration with rising Chicago rapper Lil Herb, she previews a new song of her new highly- anticipated album The Pink Print.
The lookin Ass femcee from the wee hours of the morning posted a video teasing a potential new single song. There is no details about the song , she just posted a video of herself moving her hips to the tune of her own voice.
Sexy star Nicki Minaj posted another video few minutes later with a funny caption saying that This ain’t me. It’s a friend of mine.
The new song like as the background music to her twerking .
It may the melodic single is just background and not as it was rumored about releasing a new album On May 5.
I like this song and her moves she is like a fish body, Nicki is very sexy  and a lot of us fellow her news and latest works . I hope to see full video clip of a new song to Nicki where she twerking and winding .
She is professional twerker and I am sure that she can present more and more , and I distinguished from some people who do not like Twerking and describe it as lewd dance, I think they are from another planet , Yeeeeh.
We should develop and create new ways and life style to make us more happy and forget our problems …
Nicki Minaj of the stars who like to live the modern life styles and behave normal as any normal person , but who is up normal , who does not like something and call other people to do the same ….
So let’s twerk all and enjoy to see our celebrities twerking and forget up normal people.

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