Miley Cyrus twerking with her 14-years old sister ( Video)

In this video , Miley Cyrus appeared like that she was teaching her younger sister who to twerk and dougie at the same time. When you see it you think that she is teaching her how to toke up. Parents are very outraged. They considered it the work of the devil at one time .
We can see nowadays a lot of toddlers twerk and I have a friend whose toddler rolls on the couch as the same way like Madonna on her Venice gondola in Like a Virgin. A lot of 14 years old dance around.
May be not every move in twerking is sexual and evil . Let’s not get all like the preacher in footloose here . it is normal teens and kids playing around.
It is nice from Miley Cyrus to spend some happy times with her family and especially with her younger sister.

Here the photo:

Some parents from the latest work of Miley Cyrus and they considered it as Indifference to the morals and for their children especially after topless Insta photos… naked on a swinging wrecking ball… licking a hammer and lolling her tongue out…. I agree with them .
But it still twerking a kind of dancing and people may change their bad times and forget it by dancing and reflect the sad events in their times into happy by dancing .
Did you think that Noah who is 14 years old is too young to twerk?
By the way , every parent are liberated with their family and children , it is not anything all the kids aren’t doing. And Noah should learn it from someone else may be the master?
It is also my the father of Miley and Noah does not concern if his daughters twerk or not and the visible evidence that the big won as I said before appeared naked and twerked and made a lot of questionable actions.
And let’s have fun of watching Miley Cyrus twerking :

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