Nicole Scherzinger joined the list of twerking Celebrity

You must watch this video, the belle Nicole Scherzinger joined the list of twerking celebrity which is led by Miley Cyrus on a pretty grisly twerking display at G-A-Y.
Nicole had a concert in London in last July and she presented something amazing to her fans there to the extent that audience should to focus on every small details of her performance while she was dancing but in new sexy way or as we should say , twerking very professionally and sexy way .
Nicole prepared herself and she was dressing in a tincy sparkly hotpants putting Miley Cyrus to shame by twerking the hell out of her performance.

The concert was at London’s G-A-Y club night at Heaven in one night of Saturdays of July.
Nicole Scherzinger was born in June 29, 1978, she is an American pop singer, songwriter, dancer, and fashion model, known as the lead of the pussycats Dolls musical. Scherzinger family name comes from the name of the family of a husband and her mother. Her most popular hit songs are: (Boomerang) (Dont hold your Breath) (Right there) which she sang with singer (50 Cent) and achieved high views in YouTube reached 79 million (Try with me) (Baby Love feat. Will.I.Am) (Whatever U like ft. TI). (Poison) (Wet) In 2013, she got an invitation to sing with the Italian singer (Eros Ramazzotti) and was the name of the song (Fino All'Estasi) she also sang with singer (Alex Gaudino) and was the name of the song (Missing You).

Nicole Scherzinger joined the band pussycats Dulles in May 2003 operated by Robin antennae, business manager for the band , and the band has achieved global success since that time, reaching the songs: "Do not Cha", "Buttons", "Stickwitu "and " When I Grow Up "to rank among the top ten most popular songs in the United States.

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